Stroke places a significant burden to everyone affected by the condition. As NGO we aim to address stroke challenge in the country by raising awareness, service coordination and research to provide evidence. To raise awareness SSO has developed messages in line with the organization’s objectives. These messages aimed to capture attention of people when they read them on t-shirt, fliers and other promotional materials. They are outlined here-below.

Objective one:

To represent the  views of persons living with stroke and their families on the need for improved stroke care, resources, and support


  1. No two strokes are the same; treat me as an individual.
  2. The effect of stroke are long- lasting. They follow me back into the community.
  3. I deserve a good life;, help me to live it well.
  4. The best treatment includes attention to physical and mental health
  5. Guardian is my angel, attend their mental health too

Objective two:

To organize stroke support services in the community using trained volunteers with links to appropriate professionals


  1. Stroke life, strong support, productive life
  2. Survivor’s spouse, strong network, strong family life
  3. Do not lose your fire
  4. You can scream or cry, but do not give up!
  5. To enjoy the glow of good health, keep moving
  6. I follow my health worker’s advice


Objective three:

To raising awareness about stroke and the need for better resource allocation and sharing experience in dealing with effects of stroke


  1. Face (drooping) ‖ Arm (weakness) ‖ Speech (difficult) ‖ Time (call nearest hospital)
  2. Stroke awareness, because it matters
  3. Stroke does not discriminate…it can happen to anyone
  4. Love your heart, help your brain
  5. Join us in the fight against stroke in Malawi


Objective four:

Providing relevant information to stroke survivors and their guardians through the pool of professionals


  1. Daily rehab with consistent brain stimulation leads to successful recovery
  2. Never look back, the road to recovery is forward
  3. If I get tired, I merely rest. I do not give up!
  4. Relearn skills to support my independent living
  5. Improve mobility, strength, and balance for my independent living
  6. Breath-strong, communicate, move
  7. Healthy eating and a healthy body help to beat stroke


Objective five:

To support government initiatives to help manage, and prevent stroke


  1. Stroke is a national issue. We need government support.
  2. Health workers are our heroes; give them resources

Objective six:

To providing evidence to influence policy and stroke service provision in Malawi


  1. Recurrent stroke is common after the first stroke;, scale up support for survivors